How to Find Cheap Florida Homeowners Insurance?

The only way to find cheap Florida homeowners insurance is to shop around and compare all relevant policies. The first thing you should know about homeowners insurance is that all major companies have different policies for the counties where they have a present. It is not likely for a major insurer to not have presence in any of the counties across the state. All zip codes are eligible for homeowners insurance but the policies will vary and so would the coverage and premium.

The interesting reality about finding cheap Florida homeowners insurance is that one insurer may have the most affordable policy for a particular county and yet have one of the most expensive policies in another county. You cannot simply go by the general perception about an insurance company and expect to get the best policy for a given zip code. You should also steer clear of any assessment that factors in only the major brands. It is common for homeowners to look no further than the big four or five insurers. This is actually an unwise tactic as you will be missing out on nearly two dozen other options.

The quest for cheap Florida homeowners insurance according to should not dilute the importance of an insurer’s track record in terms of complaints and how they settle claims. For instance, Chubb has the least complaints but it has a market share of just over two percent. USAA has a similarly great track record in terms of customer service and claims settlement but has a market share twice that of Chubb. AIG, American Strategic and Frontline Insurance are worthwhile options but the focus is often confined to State Farm, Universal Property, Citizens Property, and Liberty Mutual.

State Farm has a market share of nearly seven percent and it has a good track record of settling claims but Gulfstream has an even better history of addressing issues of the insurer while it has only one percent of the market share. Check out Homeowners Choice, Federated National, St. Johns, Tower Hill, Heritage, Peoples Trust, Castle Key which is a subsidiary of Allstate, Florida Peninsula, Security First, United Property, Olympus and American Integrity. Universal Property has a massive market share of early nine percent but it is not the best when it customer satisfaction.

Since the coverage of homeowners insurance is a complex issue, it is best to consult with an advisor or expert before choosing a policy. Relevance is the key while shopping for cheap Florida homeowners insurance from . So remember to thoroughly review companies and perhaps consult with an expert before diving into purchasing a policy. Cheaper rates are out there if you know where to look.

Can you Drive without Auto Insurance in Fl?

You should not drive without auto insurance in Fl. The state law is unambiguous in this regard. It is illegal for anyone to drive anywhere in the state of Florida without having the minimum coverage as mandated by the law. It is necessary to have the proof of auto coverage with you at all times whenever you are driving or are in the car.

There is only one exception permitted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You can drive a car without auto insurance if you have proof of financial responsibility. This effectively means that your financial condition should be suitable to pay for personal injury, bodily injury caused to others and property damage liability.

All drivers should have continuous auto insurance in Fl according to . Any disruption in the policy, which is not uncommon during renewals, can lead to the nullifying of the coverage. Hence an owner or driver will not have the financial protection assured by the insurer.

If you are driving without coverage and get pulled over, then you will be charged a hundred and fifty dollars up to five hundred dollars as reinstatement fee. The financial penalty levied increases with subsequent offenses.

If anyone is involved in an accident and there is no auto insurance coverage, there can be financial and legal complications. The financial obligations shall include paying for medical expenses and property damage out of the pocket. There can be further financial obligations if anyone takes legal action. Serious offenses associated with an accident while not having the minimum coverage can also complicate the matters further. Drivers can have their license suspended if convicted of driving without auto insurance.

Those who have been convicted of not having auto insurance in Fl from should carry SR-22 insurance documents with them while driving. The SR-22 form should be filed for three consecutive years. The form can be obtained from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. DHSMV keeps a record of all such convictions and maintains SR-22 forms to ensure the individuals have proven financial responsibility.

Under no circumstance is it wise or pragmatic to drive without auto insurance. It is also unwise to have only the minimum coverage, something many people in Florida end up securing. It is imperative to have comprehensive coverage. There are smart ways to reduce the annual premium while securing sufficient coverage.

Which Companies offer Health Insurance in Florida?

There are more than a dozen Florida health insurance companies. Some of them also have a presence in other states. You should consider as many companies as you can assess because the policies can vary substantially. You need the most comprehensive and relevant coverage for the least premium. Comparing quotes of only a few insurers will not be enough.

It is up to you weed through all of your different options and pick what is best for you. Below we have listed a few noteworthy companies that can provide you with the coverage you are looking for. Be sure to consider each option carefully before making a final decision.

Noteworthy Florida health insurance companies according to, are Aetna, Assurant, Avalon, AvMed, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Celtic, Cigna, CoventryOne, Humana, John Alden, Standard Security, Time, UnitedHealthOne and World Insurance.


Aetna is a renowned brand. It has over thirty million insured Americans. The network of Aetna comprises nearly eight hundred thousand healthcare professionals. Aetna has a subsidiary health insurance program through AARP. Assurant is not as large as Aetna but it has more than a million people insured. The company is based in Milwaukee and has been in health insurance for nearly four decades now. The insurer is known for comprehensive coverage. Avalon Healthcare has great plans for individuals and for companies looking for policies for their employees.

AvMed Florida

AvMed Florida has been in business for over four decades now. It is known for affordable policies. The insurer has special policies for senior citizens and families. They have a broad range of options for individuals as well. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nonprofit organization. It has many plans and is one of the easiest insurers to deal with. They provide excellent customer service. Celtic has a variety of policies for families and individuals. They do not provide coverage to businesses for their employees. Cigna is another major brand. It was among the first insurance companies in the country. It was also one of the first to roll out health insurance policies. It has insured millions of people over the decades.


CoventryOne has a vast network of healthcare professionals. It has reasonable premiums for comprehensive coverage. Humana is another affordable option. John Alden has been in business for nearly six decades. It is presently owned by Assurant. The insurer has policies for individuals and small groups. John Alden has plans for what they call a Health Savings Account. Time has health insurance policies for students, adults, families, and seniors. It also insures businesses.


UnitedHealthOne has been offering health insurance policies for more than six decades. It has affordable policies. WorldIns ExpressMed has diverse policies with a few providing dental coverages and other comprehensive coverage for expensive medical procedures.

If you want to review more Florida health insurance companies check out this website. Always remember to review each company. You do not want to be stuck with a dud that doesn’t care!